All Range of Light limited edition fine art photographic prints currently in stock may now be purchased worldwide on Amazon Handmade. As the Handmade marketplace is primarily set up for single print purchase, multiple print purchases may also be purchased directly from the artist at significant savings both in individual prints and shipping/handling costs. Please contact us if you wish to take advantage of direct/multiple sales or see a print within this site's galleries that is not available within the Range of Light Handmade store inventory.



Limited edition, fully presented (i.e., mounted) stock prints, as well as prints made to order from the Range of Light image galleries may be purchased directly through Range of Light Photography. Local pickup is encouraged, wherever possible. Please contact us for further details.

Bare, unmounted (i.e., loose) gelatin silver prints are not for sale to the general public.



Fully presented, ready-to-frame, Range of Light fine art prints are shipped using only suitable print shipping materials assuring the safe arrival of irreplaceable works, via common carrier domestically and internationally using eBay's Global Shipping Program(i.e., buyer pays for overseas shipping from eBay's central shipping location). Shipping materials alone cost upwards of $25 (US) for the smallest sized Range of Light fine art prints. Range of Light Photography presently charges only a nominal, good faith, flat rate shipping/handling charge of $25 for all eBay sales.



Shipped print packages contain the following:

  • Exterior plastic containment sleeve or bag(s)
  • Archival Range of Light Photography cover sheet
  • 8-ply archival bevel-cut presentation window mat
  • Archival interleaving tissue (remove before framing or permanent display)
  • Archivally mounted (matted), signed fine art print
  • Print information and care sheet

Range of Light fine art prints are shipped fully mounted with matching presentation windows, ready for framing. The individual print package consists of one or more exterior plastic containment bags or sleeves, with a 1-ply archival Range of Light cover sheet to protect the beveled window mat from scuffs. Between the window mat and the print mount is a sheet of archival interleaving tissue, sufficient to protect the print from the print's window mat and its exposed opening. Carefully remove the tissue to view or frame the print. The plastic bag(s), cover sheet, and tissue may all be discarded upon receipt of the print, prior to framing. However, it is recommended that the archival interleaving tissue be kept between the print and its window during storage. The plastic shipping bags and sleeves should not be used for long term storage of fine art prints. See additional care.



Should a return become unavoidable, the print must be returned in original condition using the original packing materials. Be advised that return shipping charges are the sole responsibility of the purchaser, and that a 15% restocking fee to offset oubound shipping and handling costs is charged to the purchaser by Range of Light Photography.



* The Range of Light EBAY store is closed as of 2015.

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