Broken Log, Tuolumne
Broken Log, Tuolumne
六月, 2002

A story picture, as I like to call it, Broken Log, Tuolumne represents my highest artistic aspirations in terms of style and content. Here, a long fallen weathered tree trunk lies split by the tranquil lake's granite interruption of its final rest. Grasses of seasonal renewal sprout through the dark waters, while forested reflections and the summit of Mount Gibbs stand in vigilant silence.


And now for the rest of the story... This scene had been a favorite, easily accessible, location of mine for many years in which I tested film for high altitude exposure and contrast. As of 2009 the log had been hacked up in several places for firewood (illegal in the national park), and finally broken up by park visitors, so that the log's graceful repose can no longer be experienced  - except within the context of my photograph.


11"X14", 16"X20", 20"X24", 24"X30", 30"X40"


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