Sunburst, Siesta Lake
Sunburst, Siesta Lake
October, 2002

Siesta Lake was a place I had shied away from for many years. Too easy, too famous for my style of shooting. Yet, as I was making my way back to Tuolumne Meadows along the Tioga Road, through clouds of smoke from autumn control burns, I finally decided to stop and explore the lake. Discovering this sun–bleached log jutting out into the lake, the atmosphere lightly obscured by a thin veil of smoke, I gingerly set up the tripod's legs, balancing all akimbo upon the fallen soldier. This is perhaps my favorite print. Fully tonal, it tells a complete story of the inevitable life cycle of a Sierran lake. Three acts in a single image, the shallowing lake is inexorably being overtaken by meadow vegetation, reflections of an ever advancing forest gallery glowering from its banks. Yet, the glimmering hope of brilliant sunshine in limpid waters reaffirms the lakes vigor for one more Sierra day.


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